Welcome To Mobear's Electronic Download Haven
Hi. My name is Thom Dickey a.k.a. Mobear which is my old reliable web handle that I've used for years. Mo is for Missouri which is where I'm originally from and bear is because I love bears. I know that downloading software and other items on the internet can be a bit overwhelming and dangerous.
You can rest assured that I have tested all the downloads that I offer here personally and can attest that they are free of spyware or viruses.

Attention: Buyers - Once you have purchased a product from my online store and have not seen your download links delivery email, you may have overlooked it. You will need to look in all your inbox folders, including and especially any "junk" or "bulk" folders, for an email from "email-prefix@tradebit.com". This is where your emailed download links will be located. If that fails and you still have not received your download link codes, please use the [Contact] link shown directly above the top right of this text.

In addition, it is highly recommended that you use a download speed utility program such as Download Accelerator Plus that you can download 100% free from here: http://www.speedbit.com/ . D.A.P. will help when downloading digital products and prevent broken, corrupt, or incomplete downloads, which is a common occurance with larger file sizes. Also, please note**: when downloading files you have purchased from Tradebit, there are absolutely NO resume functions. So you will have to start over from the beginning when your download stops.
For those who would like to learn more about how to market on the internet I've provided a wide range of Louis Allport videos that will teach you many aspects of internet marketing.
Please take a few minutes to rummage through my store by using the menu provided on the left. This list is just the tip of the iceberg of items that will be made available.

Here's to your success !
Thom Dickey, Entrepreneur